Saturday, July 3, 2010

Some Birthday Cards

Good morning, it's a bit chilly, isn't it???
I am so in the mood for scrappin but I need to get my hands warm...
Wonder what this arvo I gonna achieve in the craft roooom. I must say I will have to do a quick rubbish pick up and make some room on the table first ( maybe this will get my hands warm ) after all the birthday goodies now complete I can get into some other stuff.
Out of my leftovers I have made some cards

Ohhh I nearly forgot to show hayleys master piece
which is next, she has done all this by herself and she feels damm proud. I couldn't get away with not putting it on my blog ...sorry ... and I must remind you that she is only 5.

I don't at all consider myself as a card maker but I suppose for a childs birthday card they will pass.
On the last card I created this flower, I made 2 the same size and 1 smaller.
Off to tidy the craft room now...
Have a good day and happy crafting

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