Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goodna Flood Photo's - Brisbane

Here is some photos of our home town of Goodna. This is just one photo of what the streets looked like as many came to take photo's it was busy as some parked their cars and many walk miles to see. this is Queen street heading towards Eric st.

This is Smith street looking towards Queen st. On the left this is our Crazy Clark store

A close up of Crazy Clarks.

Another one looking down towards Queen st.

At this intersection on the right is where Crazy Clarks is on the corner and heading into the water on the right is where McDonalds was, we cannot see a roof
This photo is of the new Ipswich Road looking towards redbank, in the botton left corner is the underpass to Goodna which is full of water. The far right is the Brisbane river which has flooded all the brisbane tce residents of Goodna which includes the RSL and the railway station.

this is the brisbane tce over pass to Gails.

This is Church st ( my street ) as I come out my driveway onthe right this is what I'm faced with.
This is theAlice street in front on the right is a day care centre which is probably 12 months old.

this is my front yard on the right of my driveway.

this is the left of my driveway.

This is entering our driveway on the right.

This is my front yard looking out of my Dining Room window, in the middle of the water our bridge what we drive over to cross and the water on the ute was up to the bottom of the step.
Who would of thought we would see something close to the 1974 floods. When we recieved communication of what was heading our way was the scariest thing, NOT KNOWING, whether we would be SAFE. Two nights ago we sat the three kids down in front of the television to watch the weather and to explain what was happening in our area. To go through our evacuation plan with kids of what to do and where to go, what to expect and the look of concern on there faces!!!!!there toys .....will we pack them now with some clothes.....telling them we wont be able to take anything and our saftey is worth more would we have time you you wait!!!!Being so luck to still have all our belongings and our lives is something to be thankful for and we are greatful. The people that have lost everything and knowing some of these people are living in our streetand the deaths around....Sohopefully tonight we are able to go for a walk to our locals streets to see how much the water has gone down...