Saturday, July 31, 2010

just pics, layout 2morrow.

Well up for an early rise and off to Lowood for Reagan's soccer game this morning. Then off to Kelsey's netball game then home for a nap on the couch.....this running around all day on saturday's is hard work.
My first photo is of hayley and her little friend Layla at cute these girls.
And what is it with these rabbit ears, nearly every photo 2day I had to cop these ears...
Here is Kelsey trying to do her bit and stop the other team from getting the ball. F rom playing this sport myself I find watching her very frustrating and I just wanna get on the court and show how it's done....but this is not the way...

And here is the grunge team who lost 2 to 1 2day. They had a umpire from the nartzee squad today with attitude. Even I wanted to have words with her. Reagan was off( damm shelia ) what the hell's the ref talkin about mum? they were offf side and scored cause of her!!!!!!
What do you say to child... apart from life is full of surprises son and the umpire has made up her mine and whether you think it is fair or not the the umpire makes the decissions.
So here is the team NOT HAPPY...
We are second on the ladder so hopefully the boys will be playing on their own turf..for the finals in a couple of weeks....and we get a good umpire.

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