Friday, April 30, 2010

Interesting Arvo

After doing a physical days work it was time to collect the kids from school. Once I had arrived alot of the children were under the under cover area playing music on different instruments and making heaps of noise, so much that I couldn't even hear any words come out of my mouth.
Hayley's teacher came up to me to let me know Hayley had been in trouble 2day, while she was drawing she decided to draw on the floor as well ( no other children were memtioned ) I was shocked!!! Not to worry she said I made her clean it off and it's all gone!!! you wouldn't even know it happened.
Then when the bell went and all the kids came out Kelsey came over to me with an award card.
Mum she said" this was for working so well with 2 digit numbers", she was so proud.
It is nice for the kids to be reconised with their had work and a little praise goes along way.
Well done Kelsey.
Here is a picture of the " tickled pink " award winner.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

sneak peak of my challenge

Here is a sneak peak of my layout with some fancypants papers. Stay tuned for the end result. I am loving all the new ranges that was just released.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Face painting

Here is a picture I took of Kelsey and myself at the school excursion today. We went to Ngutana - Lui Centre. Here we had our faces painted that represented an Aboriginal tribe. Each tribe has there faces painted differently. The kids all went by bus ( which was a treat on it's own as alot of them don't get to go on a bus often ). I know my kids always want to go on the bus to get to school and we live in the same street as our school so it's not really practical for us. We got to have a boomerang lesson, which was interesting although alot of the kids did quite well no-one got hit in the back of the head or waas injured so thats a plus. Learning about different tree's and fruits in the wild for eating and medicine and for soap to wash your hands and clothes. The kids were seperated into 2 groups ( the girls and the boys ) for there tribal dance. The boys had to dance like EMU"S. One hand in front one behind, lift and point your toes with your neck stretched. It was the biggest laugh. The girls was they had to pretend to have a basket in 1 hand and pick fruit from the other and place it in the basket, also had to scurry there feet in the dirt to feel if they could find maybe something else worth eating. I got heaps of photo's and got alot of Laughs

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Good Day Of Fun

I really loved playing with these Bobunny papers, I think I have done three layouts wow !!! not even any scraps left.
Oh well on to the next range.

Fun Kaiser layout with left overs

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hippity Hoppity from WRMKeepers

When I saw these papers I just had to have them, I just love

the colors, very Eastery, don't you think?

Hayley's 5th Birthday

Where has the time gone????
I cannot believe my baby is now 5 and going to school.
This morning I had a litttle lay in only because ken and I were up putting this complex dolls house together until 11.30 pm and I was so tired . Hayley was so excited when she woke all I could here was here excitement. She came running in mummy mummy I love my dolls house is their any more presents? You have to love them don't you. I did get her some other goodies and she was happy to share her toys with her brother and sister, we had bliss for a few hours.

Monday, April 5, 2010

another kaiser layout out of scraps

Reagan and his friend Jack, he really misses him now that he lives in Bribie. We will just have to go to Bribie more often to see him.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Print Blocks Blog challenge

New, fancypants RUSTED SUN range.
Stay tuned to see what I come up with.

Sad News

We have foxes in the bush beside us and we are missing 2 of the kids chickens. We went for a walk nest door today and found some feathers so I'm guessing theywere somebodies dinner. The kids are devastated.
So we only have one hen left and I now put her in a box at night in our laundry and in her day pen during the day. She can only come out if we stay with her.
I'm really sad. sad sad sad

Photo's of Sea World on Friday

This is a group shot racing each other to they tube ride. This was so much fun for them, even Hayley got involved.

This is the dare devils in action, it was a shame their is only 4 to a tube Reagan mainly got into another tube with others but this never stopped him.

And here they all are eating icypoles.
The day started a little over cast but was very pleasant. The kids spent alot of time at the water park in the pools and on rides. The water felt chilly to me but you know kids . We went with Bev and Ian and the kids, we all had a ball and the kids all played good together so we are all off to Movie World on Monday.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just loved using these papers

Here I have done a layout of my god daughter Chelsea, she is just devine to watch on this scooter. These scooters can take the weight of a 9o kg person and I must say the bigger you are the funnier it is to see, scooting around. This drive way has a slight slope on it so the bigger kids don't need need to push the little kids, so this means because there is 3 scooters at this address everyone gets a turn. YIPPY I'm in

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kaiser papers

This is the 1st of many layouts out of this range, I juat love it.