Monday, May 31, 2010

The lovely Hey Birdie Range

Good morning, I am up with the sparrows this morning as I am helping in the class room this morning with reading so I wanted to show you this layout.
I was so excited when I saw this range and new straight away that I had to have it. I have bought a few sheet of each as I just love it.
The rubons are so cute I used the little squirrel in the bottom right hand corner, so cute......
I find the Kaiser Rubons so good for value and are very easy to go on.
I also used some BLING on my tree to make it "pop".
Have a great day.....

Published Layout

Below is the latest magazine for Do Crafts. You will find this magazine in most Scrappin shops and in here you will find my 2 page layout using their products.
This is what the magazine looks like so if you are interested you will find it here at :

Fancythat Scrapbooking at - Springfield QLD
07 38188500
Shabby Scrap Shack at - Redbank Plains QLD
07 38145757
This magazine shows aload of techniques and fun so don't miss out or if you haven't seen one yet this is a must to have.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A 5 year old's card and envelope

hello everyone,
I never thought I was going to be able to be crafty today as I had Reagan's poster presentation to help him with......( oops we haven't started yet and need to have it finished for tomorrow ) and we also have Jaykob's 5th Birthday party to go tooooo at
Delegate you say, Yes thats what I did.
To the Hubby I said "help Reagan with his poster" , I need to make Jaykob a card before lunch. Within in 15 minutes the card was done.
Then I helped Ken and Reagan with the poster.
Must say after the party we still had a bit of work to do to finish it tho.
Anyway here is my card and envelope Ihave done.

Here is my card, which I thought turned out rather cute....
I just couldn't stop here so I decorated the front of the envelope as you'll see as your next photo.

Here I used some raised double sided dots to lift my BUG off the leaves, just to give my card some dimension. I am very pleased with my result ( after all I don't consider myself a card maker ) BUT I am really enjoying
Besides that's all that matters right, ..... as long as I'm having fun and I think it looks okay.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Girly Cards

Hello again, I could wait for tomorrow I just had to post today.
These are the cards I have just finished, as the girls have a few parties to go to in the next couple of weeks I thought the girls could use these.
Kelsey gets really excited with my finished work, especially if it is of her.
If it is raining at your place make the most of it and get scrappin....
Nothing better than scrappin while you have the fire place alight.

Close up photo's

I woke up this morning to see the rain had finally stopped !!!!!
We had to leave home by 8.15am for soccer, I looked outside and thought what a great day for scrappin......
Again I thought NO soccer, and waited for as long as we could before leaving waiting for the phone to ring to cancel....( wouldn't that be nice )
No call , so off we went to soccer . The boys were soaking wet before they even started the game and the rain was on and off through out the game. There was even a time I saw Reagan crouching down trying to keep warm. The boys haven't played in the rain before so it was a good experience for them. Leading up to half time I thought Reagan wasn't playing his normal game ( I thought he might be worried about getting his uniform dirty ) so at half time I told him if he got his uniform dirty not to worry because his coach said he would wash all the uniforms !!!! hahahah ......that will teach the coach for letting them play.
AND after that he played a much better half.

Here I have posted some closeups of my last posting CARDS.
Iam off now to do some more scrappin... enjoy your

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cards Cards and More Cards

Here I have taken a close-up of the right hand side card ( in the photo below ), I actually intend to give this to my nan. On the front I have made the stripe piece of paper open up and here I will place a photo of the kids. On the front I have written thinking of you.
My nan will love this and after the fall she had last week hopefully this card will cheer her up.
As she is quite embarrassed to go out in public due to her bruised face. lol
As if she should be worried about that at her age !!! I mean really she's in her 70's

I really had alot of fun making these cards with some srcaps that I had left over and I now have a fettish for cards. I am hooked at the moment and as soon as I finish the one I have started today I will post it.
I hope my cards inspire you to use up some of your scraps as I think alot of us just put our scraps to one side and forget about them .....
Happy scrappin

Reagan's Birthday

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great week!

Just thought I would share some photo's of Reagan on his birthday.

We had some friends up for the weekend from Coffs Harbour which was nice and one of Reagan's mates over for the day on Sunday. We all ate toooooo much cake as you do .... lol ....and the children played with Reagan's presents.

You might be wondering if I have been scrappin????

Well yes I have .... and I do have some to share and some to tease you with as I cannot display yet, but hopefully not for long and I promise Iwill share as soon as I can.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My challenge

Hello everyone I hope you all had a great day today.
While I was waiting for my daughters Ipod to charge, I was browsing through my blog folder and realised I haven't posted this layout. I'm sorry I have teased for so long.
In MAY I gave you a sneak peak a challenge I was given. I was to come up with a layout with some Fancy pants papers and embellishments so here is what I have done.
I hope you all like it.

I just love this photo of Josh and Kelsey, I was actually lucky to get this photo as it was taken at SEAWORLD and the kids couldn't stay away from the water slides. We loved the day out with some friends.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tip Of The Day

Good morning all and i hope your last few days have been better than mine.
With one child having all the symptoms of the flu ( which was confirmed after a long stay at the doctors) that he has a cold now along with the rest of us. So as much as I wanted to do some scrapping my time was limited.
I have finally got rid of my sore ears and on the mend So hopefully I can get back into what I love and come up with some layouts.

One thing I did learn at MYSTIFIED ( with Heidi swapp and Wendy ) was how to clean the nozzles of your glimmer mist bottles. You will need to purchase some pressurised spray, (got mine from Office works) take the black spray piece off the top of the glimmer mist bottle and by using the long skinny hollow tube that comes with your bottle blow out all yuk that has clogged it up. After acouple of times of this it is as good as new.
But make sure you do get that skinny tube with your can !!!!
So for all you glimmer mist fans I hope you enjoy this tip.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

HAPPY MOMMY'S DAY to all you mum's out their, I hope your day was as good as mine.

Happy mother's Day MUM hope you had a good day and hope you enjoy your stay with Judy and her Husband.

My wonderful day started off with sleeping inn ( until 9.15am ) REALLY, followed with 3 children waking me up with all there hand made gifts from school. WOW
Then I recieved a piece of toast and coffee, and a cup cake maker which the kids and I tried out.
I would of loved to be able to decorated them with some icing but they weren't even able to cool on my cooling rack and they were getting eaten.
Oh well maybe next time, just love it - Love it. lol

The cup cakes were delish.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

TATTERED ANGELS - Wendy Senger and Heidi Swapp

Heidi and myself

Wendy and myself

The talented Wendy is the maker of Glimmer Mist, her concoction is amazing.
We learnt how to use the NEW Glimmer GLAZE and Glimmer GLAM and WOW. You can let your imagination go wild you need a little creativity of course.
I thoroughly enjoyed my long day as long as it was.
I can't wait to put an order in for some more of this yummy stuff.
I have taken alot of photo's of the event and have posted a few for your looksy. lol.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tattered Angels - Mistified

Can you believe it !!! I only have one more sleep before I get to go to MISTIFIED. Here Wendy Senger from Glimmer mist will show us how to use her new products Glimmer Glaze and Glimmer Glam. Also Heidi Swapp will be showing us some great stuff as well.
I am so excited I don't know how I will sleep 2nite.
I hope to share 2morrow night ( if my photo's turn out okay ) what we have made.
If my photo's are not good I will post them on Sunday with photo's of all mu MUMMY's Day prezzies.!!!! LOL.
I hope they don't forget.
No.....Surely not.
Is it to late for hints do you think.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ipswich Show

Today we had beautiful weather, just for us to go to the show. We got there early this morning because of parking and some of the rides were still getting sorted so we walked around for awhile. Most of the rides were around $5 and $6 each so I let the kids have a couple of rides each and one show bag. By the time you add this up x 3, Yearly passes to movie world seem cheap.
We haven't been to the show here before so the kids were excited and we all had fun. I suppose you could say I was a bit chicken to tackle the EKKA with 3 children not to mention the $$$$ . I thought I would share just a few photo's out of my 174 that I took 2day. I'm sure to get at least 15 good photo's ( one would think or hope so ) to use for scrappin.

This last photo of the 3 of them is my fav !!!!! Lucky they all pose for me. ( don't have any choice.)
2 tired now so I'm off 2 bed.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

bo Bunny for Boyz

Here I have done a quick layout using some Bo Bunny papers of my son and his best friend.
I'm just love'n all there new ranges at the moment and cannot wait to use some more. Try making some of your own embellishments with some crafty stuff from home, like I have on this layout.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do Crafts Magazine

Hello everyone, I have been scrapping mad the last couple of nights trying to get my 2 page layout finished for the magazine. I can't show you yet but I will let you know which magazine it will be in. I will say Kelsey will be happy to see herself in the magazine.
I don't know why they get all excited. ??? LOL
I am really happy how it has turned out tho I hope everyone else likes it as much as me.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

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