Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lucy Bird scraps

At Christmas time the kids were all given a 8x8 album and here is one I put together, it is a good change from doing 12x12 layouts all the time and you can get rid of the littlest scraps that you may have left over and don't want to waste. Just love this photo of Reagan and Hayley.

This a combined effortfrom kelsey and myself.

Here is a layout I put together and then I got kelsey to do a little drawing in the middle and this is what we both come up with. And now she wants me to do this all the time so you might get to see some more of her handy work.this will be great for her to look back on as she gets older, she have even have a little chuckle.

These are some more layouts I have done using the Lucy Bird papers

Monday, February 22, 2010

making memories FLUTTER

Here is a sneak peak of the new flutter papers that Iwill be working very soon, there is also some yummy embelishments to suit as well.

Another layout using Scooter vacation papers

With this layout I cut strips of paper out of one of the kids picture story books, cut the writting into strips and folded it around my edge. Before I stuck it down I sprayed it with spritz inks, the gold and silver to give it a different affect.
I quite like the spritz inks better than the maya road, a better finish and they don't seemto heavy and beautiful colours.

scooter vacation - imaginisce papers

I am really happy with my layout using these papers it was a good thing I got these photo's while we were away at Christmas 2009. I was so nervous with hayley on the back of the Harley especially on the open road as thats where she went for her ride.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


On friday night Kelsey lost her first front tooth. That night we put her tooth under her pillow and of course the toothfairy came and left $2, she thought it was great. Her 2nd front tooth was also wiggly and she lost it on Sunday while eating a donut, she got such a fright with it loose in her mouth she spat it out and we cannot find it . She was distressed that the toothfairy wouldn't come so I assured her that we would write the tooth fairy a letter before she went to bed and this is what we wrote.
I lost my 2nd front tooth today while eating a donut. I got such a fright while I was eating and have lost my tooth. Will you please leave me some money under my pillow.
I am so really sorry for you as I know you keep childrens teeth as your little treasures.
lots of love KELSEY.

And in the morning their was another $2
I LOVE THE TOOTHFAIRY, and here is a picture of my Toothless Kelsey.

Just the cutest picture cannot wait to take some more.

Friday, February 5, 2010


After going on holidays for three weeks and coming home to see our chooks ( that were being baby sat ) was exciting for the kids as they missed them very much. To there amazement they were greeted with a couple of eggs, WOW this is awesome Reagan said.
To the question I wasn't waiting for: Hayley said where did they come out Mum ????
After giving her the pep talk she looks forward coming home from school to collest the eggs.
I am happy she is still happy to eat them.
Pets are good for children and am looking forward to the day when we can have a doggie.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

1 page layout

Here I used the new lucy bird papers from Imaginisce, just love these papers and I thought they were very easy to use. I must admit the layout took 3 nights to complete though with all the cutting out. lol
But I am happy with the end result.
Hope you all like it.