Thursday, August 25, 2011

Purple Pumpkin Sketch

Well today I finally got to finish my sketch from Purple Pumpkin, whoo. I decided to use some Movie World photo's I had floating around, so instead of using one photo I have used few. I seem to be hooked on their embellies too over at Purple Pumpkin, every layout I can't seem to control myself. I will running out in no time, so bring on the next SALE. Knowing Sam she will have some yummy NEW stuff........... Can't Wait.......

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sports day for Hayley

Sports day for Hayley was on Friday for grades 2, 1 and Prep.
It was so good to just follow 1 kidlet around instead of 3.
I was able to get lots of photo's and enjoy the day with her.
She was so proud of herself as see came homewith a 1st, 3rd,
4th and a well done. Not to mention Hayley and her mom won
the 3 legged race. Thankfully I don't have a photo of this:)

And here is some photo's of reagans soccer game on

Saturday. he has advanced so much this year and he

still loves playing.

Just incase you never picked it up, he is a defence player

and with his long stride he certainly puts the pressure on his

And last kelsey playing netball, each 1/4 the girls get rotated

to a new position so they get to learn all the positions.

I d idn't get toget that many photo's of kelsey's game as they were

bunchedup alot and it was hard to get photo's with just her in it.

Looking forward to doing the new Purple Pumpkin sketch this month.

So if you are after a challenge pop on over to Purple Pumpkin.