Monday, May 17, 2010

Tip Of The Day

Good morning all and i hope your last few days have been better than mine.
With one child having all the symptoms of the flu ( which was confirmed after a long stay at the doctors) that he has a cold now along with the rest of us. So as much as I wanted to do some scrapping my time was limited.
I have finally got rid of my sore ears and on the mend So hopefully I can get back into what I love and come up with some layouts.

One thing I did learn at MYSTIFIED ( with Heidi swapp and Wendy ) was how to clean the nozzles of your glimmer mist bottles. You will need to purchase some pressurised spray, (got mine from Office works) take the black spray piece off the top of the glimmer mist bottle and by using the long skinny hollow tube that comes with your bottle blow out all yuk that has clogged it up. After acouple of times of this it is as good as new.
But make sure you do get that skinny tube with your can !!!!
So for all you glimmer mist fans I hope you enjoy this tip.

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