Sunday, May 30, 2010

A 5 year old's card and envelope

hello everyone,
I never thought I was going to be able to be crafty today as I had Reagan's poster presentation to help him with......( oops we haven't started yet and need to have it finished for tomorrow ) and we also have Jaykob's 5th Birthday party to go tooooo at
Delegate you say, Yes thats what I did.
To the Hubby I said "help Reagan with his poster" , I need to make Jaykob a card before lunch. Within in 15 minutes the card was done.
Then I helped Ken and Reagan with the poster.
Must say after the party we still had a bit of work to do to finish it tho.
Anyway here is my card and envelope Ihave done.

Here is my card, which I thought turned out rather cute....
I just couldn't stop here so I decorated the front of the envelope as you'll see as your next photo.

Here I used some raised double sided dots to lift my BUG off the leaves, just to give my card some dimension. I am very pleased with my result ( after all I don't consider myself a card maker ) BUT I am really enjoying
Besides that's all that matters right, ..... as long as I'm having fun and I think it looks okay.

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