Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ipswich Show

Today we had beautiful weather, just for us to go to the show. We got there early this morning because of parking and some of the rides were still getting sorted so we walked around for awhile. Most of the rides were around $5 and $6 each so I let the kids have a couple of rides each and one show bag. By the time you add this up x 3, Yearly passes to movie world seem cheap.
We haven't been to the show here before so the kids were excited and we all had fun. I suppose you could say I was a bit chicken to tackle the EKKA with 3 children not to mention the $$$$ . I thought I would share just a few photo's out of my 174 that I took 2day. I'm sure to get at least 15 good photo's ( one would think or hope so ) to use for scrappin.

This last photo of the 3 of them is my fav !!!!! Lucky they all pose for me. ( don't have any choice.)
2 tired now so I'm off 2 bed.

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