Friday, May 28, 2010

Close up photo's

I woke up this morning to see the rain had finally stopped !!!!!
We had to leave home by 8.15am for soccer, I looked outside and thought what a great day for scrappin......
Again I thought NO soccer, and waited for as long as we could before leaving waiting for the phone to ring to cancel....( wouldn't that be nice )
No call , so off we went to soccer . The boys were soaking wet before they even started the game and the rain was on and off through out the game. There was even a time I saw Reagan crouching down trying to keep warm. The boys haven't played in the rain before so it was a good experience for them. Leading up to half time I thought Reagan wasn't playing his normal game ( I thought he might be worried about getting his uniform dirty ) so at half time I told him if he got his uniform dirty not to worry because his coach said he would wash all the uniforms !!!! hahahah ......that will teach the coach for letting them play.
AND after that he played a much better half.

Here I have posted some closeups of my last posting CARDS.
Iam off now to do some more scrappin... enjoy your

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