Thursday, June 10, 2010

meet "HUMPTY"

This is a photo of Hayley and Humpty.
In prep Humpty goes to each childs house for a sleep over, and he is your resposibillity to look after him and take lots of photo's of your prep playing and doing things with him.
You are also sent home with a book and you are to answer the questions and draw a picture of you and Humpty and when you get your favorite photo developed that goes on your page in the book.
So here is Humpty and Hayley getting a quick photo before she introduces him to the chook!!!!

One thing I will say I hope Humpty took in all he learn't as the two of them were outside for a long time.
  • he went for a ride in the truck
  • he had a photo in the caravan
  • went for a ride on the slide
  • sat with the chicken in her nest waiting for her to lay an egg ( hehehe) so cute.
  • got strapped into her car seat
  • had a bath
  • help make apple crumble for tea
  • listen to a storey on the ipod
  • and finally go to bed.

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