Friday, April 30, 2010

Interesting Arvo

After doing a physical days work it was time to collect the kids from school. Once I had arrived alot of the children were under the under cover area playing music on different instruments and making heaps of noise, so much that I couldn't even hear any words come out of my mouth.
Hayley's teacher came up to me to let me know Hayley had been in trouble 2day, while she was drawing she decided to draw on the floor as well ( no other children were memtioned ) I was shocked!!! Not to worry she said I made her clean it off and it's all gone!!! you wouldn't even know it happened.
Then when the bell went and all the kids came out Kelsey came over to me with an award card.
Mum she said" this was for working so well with 2 digit numbers", she was so proud.
It is nice for the kids to be reconised with their had work and a little praise goes along way.
Well done Kelsey.
Here is a picture of the " tickled pink " award winner.

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