Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Face painting

Here is a picture I took of Kelsey and myself at the school excursion today. We went to Ngutana - Lui Centre. Here we had our faces painted that represented an Aboriginal tribe. Each tribe has there faces painted differently. The kids all went by bus ( which was a treat on it's own as alot of them don't get to go on a bus often ). I know my kids always want to go on the bus to get to school and we live in the same street as our school so it's not really practical for us. We got to have a boomerang lesson, which was interesting although alot of the kids did quite well no-one got hit in the back of the head or waas injured so thats a plus. Learning about different tree's and fruits in the wild for eating and medicine and for soap to wash your hands and clothes. The kids were seperated into 2 groups ( the girls and the boys ) for there tribal dance. The boys had to dance like EMU"S. One hand in front one behind, lift and point your toes with your neck stretched. It was the biggest laugh. The girls was they had to pretend to have a basket in 1 hand and pick fruit from the other and place it in the basket, also had to scurry there feet in the dirt to feel if they could find maybe something else worth eating. I got heaps of photo's and got alot of Laughs

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