Saturday, February 6, 2010


On friday night Kelsey lost her first front tooth. That night we put her tooth under her pillow and of course the toothfairy came and left $2, she thought it was great. Her 2nd front tooth was also wiggly and she lost it on Sunday while eating a donut, she got such a fright with it loose in her mouth she spat it out and we cannot find it . She was distressed that the toothfairy wouldn't come so I assured her that we would write the tooth fairy a letter before she went to bed and this is what we wrote.
I lost my 2nd front tooth today while eating a donut. I got such a fright while I was eating and have lost my tooth. Will you please leave me some money under my pillow.
I am so really sorry for you as I know you keep childrens teeth as your little treasures.
lots of love KELSEY.

And in the morning their was another $2
I LOVE THE TOOTHFAIRY, and here is a picture of my Toothless Kelsey.

Just the cutest picture cannot wait to take some more.

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