Thursday, January 28, 2010

First day school for 2010

Here is my baby ready for her big day, the first up and dressed down stairs ready to put her shoes on and off to school.

Kelsey all smiles and personality, very enthused to get to school to see her friends. She was very excited.

Here is my boy already for his first day of school, and how handsome he looks in his uniform.

The kids were more than ready this morning for school, more for the social side than learning lol. Today went off without any hitches, we went around Reagan and Kelsey's class rooms to drop there books off before finding their friends for a few pics.
Hayley didn't start until 10.30am so she got to go home and come back she wasn't happy about that. Now that she is a big prep student she wanted to be at school from 8.30 to 3.00 not an hour. If only she knew when she gets older she will want to only go for an hour.
Having all 3 at school this year I thought a few tears were gonna happen BUT no not yet.

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  1. That is so weird seeing Hayley in a uniform!!! She looks very cute though :)